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Little Wings

Little Wing is a unique and innovative new early education music program launched by School of Rock featuring exciting activities that blend music, science and fun in an engaging edutainment experience for kids.

Like School of Rock, Little Wing is driven by a purpose “to inspire kids to love music”. We believe that if we want kids to love music, then we must share loved music with them. That is why Little Wing activities are set to authentic classic songs that have inspired adults and kids throughout history.

Developed by leading experts in the early education field, Little Wing activities are designed to introduce fundamental musical concepts while at the same time providing specific educational & developmental benefits in the following areas. 1) Social & Emotional 2) Gross & Fine Motor 3) Cognitive Abilities

Little Wing currently is being offered for 4 & 5 year old children on Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 2:15pm. The class will run from April 24th through May 15th. The cost is $25 per session with a 20% discount for those who pay for all five session upfront.

The Curriculum

Little Wing offers real musical experiences that encourage:

Making and recognizing rhythm patterns, Singing and tonal processing, Exercising both short and long term musical memory, including kinetic memory, Understanding sound and silence, musical dynamics, and song structure, Auditory focus and the development of great listening skills, The student will also build confidence through practicing and performing with other kids.

Class Flow/Activities

Opening, Warm Up, Song & Rhythm A, Song & Rhythm B, Song & Rhythm C, Band Practice (finding the groove), Band Practice (Jam Session), Gross Motor Game, Ear Training, Weekly Special