Giving away the Christmas Eve Offering?

Have you ever thought about the gift of being born in America versus some other part of the world? None of us had a choice about what kind of family we are born into, the physical characteristics we would possess or even the country we would land in. We have been blessed to be born in the richest nation in the world, with access to the greatest amount of technical resources and the largest religious freedoms ever known to humankind.


Now imagine, being born in society where just having enough to eat and drink is considered being rich. Envision a life where from birth you were considered a liability to your family and burden to the survival of the family or even the village. Visualize being part of a society where to believe in a faith other than your parents or your husbands could jeopardize the few rights you have and possibly bring you death, imprisonment or enslavement.  This is where three out of the four of our “sent” friends live and work. Every day they are confronted with poverty as well as injustice and asked to offer hope to people who in biblical terms would be considered the greatest in need. 

This is where our advent conspiracy begins. We believe God is calling us to bring hope to places without hope. He has called us to answer the cries for help. Just like the Magi coming across the desert to bring gifts to the King of Kings, we will be partnering to bring joy and hope to places that rarely have either. This year’s Advent Conspiracy offering will go to help the widowed, abandoned, families in crises, their children, child slaves and those who have never heard the words of Jesus. Any Advent Conspiracy Christmas gift will help begin lifestyles for people who are often considered expendable by society. These organizations offer opportunity for those who need it most.

 The Christmas gifts will be deployed to:

Ø  Overland Missions – Laura Staszewski – Zambia

Ø  Hope for Today Ministries – Peter and Ester Pereira – India

Ø  Respire – Meghan and Josh Anderson – Haiti

Ø  Itasca Cares – The Team - Local

The advent Conspiracy is a pretty simple idea. Instead of trading gift cards or buying a “friend” another travel mug, we been asking everyone to review how much they would normally spend on themselves and those closest to them for Christmas gifts. We then suggest everyone redirect 20% of that amount to this special Christmas Eve celebration. The Christmas Eve collection will take place at 4:15pm. For those who a like the details: We will have four giving baskets representing the four incredible organizations and during the service, everyone will be given a chance to bring their gift(s) forward. The offerings are tax deductible. The can be written to the organization or to The Center with the name of the organization in the memo line. The Center will then forward to the organizations.

 Please consider joining us as we strive to connect the awe of Christ’s first coming with the anticipation of His second by sharing our blessings in His name.