Little Wings

Little Wing is a unique and innovative new early education music program launched by School of Rock featuring exciting activities that blend music, science and fun in an engaging educational experience for kids.

Like School of Rock, Little Wing is driven by a purpose “to inspire kids to love music”. We believe that if we want kids to love music, then we must share loved music with them. That is why Little Wing activities are set to authentic classic songs that have inspired adults and kids throughout history.

Developed by leading experts in the early education field, Little Wing activities are designed to introduce fundamental musical concepts while at the same time providing specific educational & developmental benefits in the following areas. 1) Social & Emotional 2) Gross & Fine Motor 3) Cognitive Abilities


Community Meal

Every Monday Evening @6:30pm

The group strive to create and enhance two relationships: One with God and others.

It’s free and childcare is provided!

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone is a ministry that promotes coping skills, self-care, guidance and resources for families and loved ones dealing with substance use disorder. You’ll Never Walk Alone the last Friday of every month at 6:30 pm.


AA for those in need

Every Sunday Night from 5 to 6pm in the Fireside Room. Please enter through door #1.The first meeting is September 9th! Come and work the program.

We also offer a unique 12 step recovery program for those who believe Jesus is the higher power. The every week Thursday meeting is at 7pm and uses the traditional anonymous recovery format.