Bethany Community Center Projects

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Project Description - Man Hours Required

Sanctuary Carpet repair/streching - 32 

Clean and vacuum all Pews - 5 

Repair wall in Sanctuary entrance area window (south wall) -23 

Repair ceiling in Pastors study room by sanctuary hallway entrance -2

Repair or add vent to downstairs bathroom southeast corner under the sanctuary - 2

Add glass in both doors in Pastor's study room - 3 

Review feasibility of re-open doorway to nursery from upstairs fellowship room - 10 

Add AV and 2 - large TVs 70" or projection to sanctuary - 15

ADD a 55 inching to North East Sanctuary room with AV - 10

Add a 45" wifi capable TV in the hallway - 5

Remove Pews from NE Sanctuary room and the chancel to the fellowship hall - 3

Add a rope and restricted access sign in front of stairs to choir loft - 2

Clean and establish viability of watercooler in loft area - 2

Add video recording and web streaming to fellowship hall - 40

Add directional signage throughout (purchase or create) - 4

Paint the building throughout with contemporary colors - 40

Remove Bookshelves from sanctuary hallway leading to sanctuary and rebuild in former admin office - 8

Paint railings and stairs black and add new step safety stripping - 10

Hang all history photo's in Sanctuary entrance Hallway - 5

Remove Bulletin board to fellowship hall - 5

Add a door way chime to SE entrance - 4 

Remove & swap out lock sets from inside doors except the offices with latch type - 15

Advertise and or remove all UPRIGHT pianos throughout - 4

Pull up old carpeting on southeast entrance and replace 6' by 9'6 - 2

Replace lighting fixtures throughout - 30

Windows need replacing in downstairs east side - 40

Scrape and paint all windows with White Exterior paint - 40

All window wells need cleaning and clearing - 5

Emergency exit on north side of kitchen needs to be repaired with a cement patch - 5

Downstairs bathroom needs a new white vent installed -1

The garage needs to be check for viability and a roof needs to be replaced - 4

The sandbox needs to be updated - 4

The playground area needs a fresh pea gravel filling - 8

The playground needs a fence around the entire playground - 40 

The playground needs a new equipment and installed - 80

The graffiti needs to be sanded off the west side of building - 4

The chimney needs a cover - 2

Mulch needs to be added everywhere - 20

The cement patch needs to be re done on the eastern front side of the building -25

Weather Stripping needs to be added to door 1 & 2 - 4