Wedding Facility Agreement

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Date of Agreement: _______________

The following documents Bethany Community Center’s wedding facility agreement. This agreement covers the use of the facility for three hours. The agreement is between the couples referenced and the Bethany Community Center. The officiant wedding agreement is a separate agreement.

Woman’s Name:__________________________________________________(Printed)

Man’s Name: ____________________________________________________(Printed)

Reservation of Facilities:

Until Bethany is in receipt of your wedding application, approved the Pastor and received the non-refundable $200 deposit, your wedding date is not officially reserved. Agreement Initials____________   

Premarital Counseling

We require all couples getting married at Bethany Community Center to participate in premarital counseling. If you choose to use an officiant other than our pastor, the couple needs to provide written documentation of ordination from a mainline religious Christian denomination and a letter stating premarital counselling has been done. Agreement Initials____________


The wedding may be celebrated in the sanctuary. The fireside room and the fellowship hall are available for the bridal party prior to the wedding. The pastor’s lounge may also be used.The couple agrees to use the facility for their celebration for no more than three hours. Any additional time will need to be negotiated in advance. All rooms used as a part of the celebration must be clean after use. If additional cleaning is needed, the couple assumes the responsibility of a $75 per room cleaning fee. Agreement Initials ________


This is the responsibility of the bridal couple. However, we have several qualified musicians available for the wedding day festivities. Please let us know at the time of reservation if you are in need of musicians or equipment. Agreement Initials______________

Wedding Rehearsal:

A wedding rehearsal is suggested for all weddings. The rehearsal are scheduled to last one (1) hour and are generally held the day or evening prior to the ceremony. All participating in the event should be present for the rehearsal. All decisions concerning the format of the wedding service are done in consultation with the bridal couple, and Bethany Center reserves the right to make final decision on all matters regarding time and out of the ordinary requests. Agreement Initials_______________


The wedding license is a function of the Dupage County Clerk’s office. It needs to be attained 30 days prior to the wedding date. The license from the county should be given to the pastor prior to the wedding or at the rehearsal dinner.  Agreement Initials___________

Wedding Conduct:

Bethany Community Center does not allow alcoholic beverages on the premises at any time. We are also a non-smoking facility. While we understand the excitement and expect a celebratory feel, we also expect a proper amount of reverence within the sanctuary. For the safety of those participating or attending, we suggest bubbles be outside the church as the bride and groom depart.  Agreement Initials_______________

Wedding Program:

We usually do not create a wedding program for those attending. However, if assistance is needed, we can create a wedding program for a separate investment. Agreement Initials_______________

Investment for the Use of the Facility:

Non-refundable deposit for the reservation of the facility: $200

Deposit Received (date and check#) _________________  (Copy of Check attached)

Sanctuary Space Sharing Contribution: $800 (The remaining $600 is due the week of the rehearsal)  Agreement Initials____________

  • All facility payments are due the week prior to the event. If writing a check, please make the payable: Bethany Community Center

Additional Investments for Bethany Community Center Staff:

Custodian: $150 Accepted Initials____________

Day of Wedding Coordinator: $150 Accepted Initials________

Sound and Audio Coordinator: $150  Accepted Initials_______

Three separate checks for these services are needed. Please leave the make payable portion of the check blank so we can assign a contractor for the service

All additional investments outlined above are to be paid the week prior to the event. Agreement Initials____________

I/We have read the agreement and understand our responsibilities outlined above. We further understand we are liable for all the actions of our guests and their use of the Bethany Community Center facility and grounds.

Future Wife Ackowledgement_____________________________________Date:________

Future Husband Acknowledgement:_______________________________Date:________

Bethany Community Center Initials_____________________________ Date:________